Cute Things Thursday #3: Bunnies!


I wanted to call this series Cute Things Thursday, but I never ended up posting on a Thursday. I’ll set an alarm or something and try to remember every week so it stays true to its name. On to the cute things!

Easter bunny

Les found this in a google search for “cutest bunny in the world” and I agree. This is my favourite bunny picture.

Orange bunny

Black bunny

The above are my top three bunny pictures. I feel bad not giving credit but I have no idea where I got these images. If they’re yours, send me an email and I will credit you.

Netherland Dwarf

My favourite bunny breed is the Netherland Dwarf (above). It’s really cute and tiny and has cute little ears. Their ears just KILL me. You can read about all sorts of bunny breeds at this site.

Here are some more cute Netherland Dwarf bunny pictures:

If you have some good bunny pictures, drop me a line at eve at guzzlingcakes.


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