Future Dog Owner


I have decided that when I stop living in small spaces, I am going to get a dog. It will be this dog.


Well, maybe not THIS EXACT DOG, because obviously I want to take advantage of its prime cuteness years, which the above dog will have passed by the time I get one. But I will get a dog of this type. And it will have a enormous paws, and a big curly tail, and I will cuddle it constantly.

  • http://muonproof.com Tavis

    That dog is a puppy though, and eventually it’ll get big. If you want one that looks like that that would basically stay small, I’d advise a Shiba Innu. Although I’ve heard they can be a bit aggressive if not trained properly. I don’t know too much about that though. They’re cute as hell.

  • http://www.guzzlingcakes.com/ Eve

    I kinda want a big dog, though. I’d love a Shiba Inu but I’ve always wanted a little husky mix. That’s why I said I’d get one in the future, once I have room for it.

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  • Cameron

    Dogs are cute when they’re small. But young dogs also need a shitload of attention and whine and wimper and shit and piss and so on. Then when they’re grown up they shit and piss and chew on things and wreck your shit and wake you up by barking. Not to mention that you have to walk them and pick up their shit. Even when it’s raining or snowing or so cold that your eyeballs freeze.

    A cat on the other hand…

  • http://www.guzzlingcakes.com/ Eve