Bryan Safi is my new favourite human


Current TV’s Bryan Safi on the advertising obsession that is ponce. I could watch his show all day.

  • Charles

    Aww he’s pretty endearing. Thanks for that link =)

  • jason

    I actually really hated this “analysis.” He goes for a lot of cheap shots and blatant lies… e.g. in the light beer ad, he equates cross-dressing with homosexuality, yet there are plenty of straight guys who cross-dress. He makes the same comparison with metrosexuality and being gay, too. I found this to be offensively ill-informed, to be honest.

  • Eve

    I disagree. I’d say the general line taken by most ads are girly + man = gay, which then leads to either girly = bad or gay = bad. Either way, it sticks to the generalization that any deviation from standard gender roles is something to be mocked and reviled.

    It hurts both genders, regardless of sexual orientation, but because these opinions can result in serious hate crimes against gay men and transgender women, I’d say it’s especially relevant in that context.