I just wrote a letter to Michael Moore for some reason.


Dear Michael,

I am upset to hear that you are calling the rape allegations against Julian Assange hooey. While it may be that governments are taking advantage of the claims to discredit him, it is unfair to the women involved in the case to write them off completely, assume that they are lying, or state that what was alleged was not rape.

With one woman, the condom broke and she wanted him to stop. Instead of complying, he held her down until he was finished. With the other, he had unprotected sex while she was asleep. Both of these situations sound very scary to me, as a woman, and they do indeed sound like rape.

The charge isn’t about whether or not the condom broke; it’s what he did after the condom broke. That is a very important point, and I hope that you will take that into consideration in the future. The details of the allegations are being misrepresented by most major media outlets; it’s your chance to prove them wrong.



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