Eve Muses While Writing Essays


Here’s an idea: thought’s main purpose is to make sense of our environment in order to survive in it and make more humans, right? Which is why there’s no real thought inside the womb; it isn’t needed to avert death. You’ve got everything you need: umbilical sustenance, amniotic protection, big-screen TV. So this would logically mean that humans who remain in the womb throughout their lives wouldn’t develop thought because it wouldn’t be necessary. (They’d be moved into larger wombs according to growth, of course, like gardeners change plant pots.)

If this is the case, then what’s up with The Matrix? They wouldn’t have needed it for more than a generation before they could just harvest thoughtless babies and scrap the illusion program. Would the prophecized freedom fighters ever be found? Or would Morpheus become just as non-badass as his stimulus-free kin? Would there still be a “One” to save us all? And most importantly, would there still be sweaty underground dance orgies?

A world without these things is a frightening thought, but at least we’re still of the generation that has the capacity to consider them. Our children, on the other hand… *ominous music*

Side note: What is up with The Meatrix?


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