Last Day In K-Town, Hawaii Soon


Well, I’m shoving off for Toronto in close to 9 hours, so the crunch is on. Soon, I will be in Kahului, and then Kihei (where I’m staying).

Please comment with regards to the following things:

  • What you want me to bring back for you, if you want anything
  • Any pictures you want me to take
  • Photocomic ideas from the GW folk
  • Items I should take for comfort / self-preservation, if you’ve been to the “tropics” before and have specific insight which I do not
  • Books I should take, for the plane and for reading on the beach (Rev, what would you suggest for someone who’s never read anything about philosophy? Lang, any interesting history texts? Tavis, anything about electrical engineering? jokes, that last one was a joke, electrical engineering is lame 🙂
  • Things I should see
  • Random bits of information about Hawaii that you think are cool.

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