Here’s your chance to decide my life for me!


As you might know, before I got into Cognitive Science I was an Astrophysics major. When I left, I had nearly enough credits to get away with a minor in physics, so I decided to take two last courses and get the minor.

I’m taking my last physics course in the last semester: PHYS 239, electromagnetism. Today, I finally verified that because COGS is a specialization instead of a major, I can’t officially get the minor, so I’m reconsidering taking this course. Here are the pros and cons of taking the course:


  1. I can tell future employers that I technically have a minor in physics, even if it wasn’t awarded.
  2. I can feel like my time spent in the physics department wasn’t entirely wasted.
  3. If I don’t take the course, it’s like I abandoned physics.


  1. It’ll mean time taken away from my thesis
  2. I have to pay $500 for it
  3. I essentially have the minor anyway, I’m just half a course short and that looks just as good for an NSERC grant or whatever
  4. It’s just a minor
  5. Cutting your losses is something I’m not good at, so I’ll feel like I’ve made some sort of breakthrough.

So now it’s up to you: do I take the course?


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