Calling All Web Comics


Candy Buttons

I am doing my honours thesis on comics. Which is pretty much the coolest thing ever. I need stimuli for my study, which means that I have to come up with a funny comic that’s not too popular (so the Far Side is out, even though it would be perfect and there are so many of them). I was thinking about the Perry Bible Fellowship, because it’s funny but not hugely recognized, but it’s a bit too niche-y, it’s stylistically inconsistent, and there aren’t enough of them. Given that the vast majority of this blog’s readership is nerds that read web comics, I’m putting out a call for your favourites. They don’t necessarily have to be web comics, but I’d appreciate a link if you have one. Also, I’m giving preference to Canadian comics because they’d be most culturally relevant to study participants.

Off you go! Find me some web comics!

(The above is xkcd. It is generally an enjoyable comic; I highly recommend it.)


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