Wonder Twin Powers Activate! Form of… Thesis!


So I’m workin’ on the ol’ thesis. I’m citing a paper about working memory, theory of mind and humour and I just now paid attention to the non-primary authors in the study. The surnames are Uekermann, Channon, Winkel, Schlebusch and Daum.

The Schlebusch is what got me. Such good ol’-fashioned German names. Schlebusch!

Anyhoo, my thesis is starting to take a DANGEROUSLY FEMINIST slant. Could it possibly be that the Superiority Theory of Humour grew out of patriarchy? With a name like Superiority Theory of Humour, I would have thought it grew out of flower beds and little babies’ belly buttons.

Fortunately, I ran it by my supervisor today, and he told me to elaborate even more on that particular paragraph. Yay! Hopefully I can stop myself before I hand in a slightly-charred WonderBra with my paper. Thank goodness for electronic submission.


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