I Write Like Ray Bradbury


I played around with I Write Like today. Plugging in the first page of my blog connected me to David Foster Wallace; separate blog entries gave me Ray Bradbury (win!), Dan Brown (ew), Stephen King, Margaret Atwood and David Foster Wallace (again).

Here’s how it works.

UPDATE, June 22nd: I wrote a fake short story for a fake newspaper a little while ago that was divided into two chunks by separate writing styles, so I thought I’d play around with those, too. The first chunk (an attempt at writing the most turgid, pretentious text I could) was most similar to Arthur C. Clarke, and the second (an ode to HP Lovecraft) was apparently like Douglas Adams. Put them together, and they’re Daniel Defoe. Why? Bayes, it’s all about Bayes. And his algorithms.

Anyhoo, if an internet tells me I’m like Ray Bradbury, Arthur C. Clarke and Douglas Adams, I’ll take the compliment.