Ines Sainz and the Most Harrassed Sports Reporters


The Bleacher Report has a list called Ines Sainz and the Most Harrassed Sports Reporters. It tells the stories of ten female sports reporters who have been harrassed by members of the sports community, including their media colleagues. It is a serious examination of the issue, which is good to see, especially on the internet where the deck tends to be stacked against women’s issues.

Of course, this sympathy is almost instantly undermined by the rest of the content on the site.

Here’s Page 1:

Ines Sainz

Ines Sainz, a reporter with the network Azteca, is having claims she was sexually harassed by several members of the New York Jets when she attended one of their practices investigated by the NFL.

Allegedly, Sainz had footballs thrown at her by a Jets coaches, and then was called at inappropriately by several members of the the Jets team when she entered the locker room.

Sexual harassment is no laughing matter, and it’s a threat female reporters face on a daily basis in the world of sports. Here is a list of 10 of the most harassed female reporters of all time.

Here’s Page 11:

Lisa Olson

Olson’s story is one of the saddest in sports history. She was a reporter for the Boston Globe, covering the New England Patriots in 1991.

One of the players deemed Olson a “Looker” or someone whose eyes do not stay up in the locker room. General manager Pat Sullivan watched her interview Maurice Hurst and determined she was acting professionally, so he allowed her to stay. Tight end Zeke Mowatt approached nude and began doing inappropriate things directly in front of her, as did several other players.

Olson called it “mind rape”, Patriots owner Victor Kiam called her an untelligent female dog.

Olson was taken off the Pats beat, and the team was fined by the NFL, but the damage had been done. Olson got hundreds of threatening phone calls and letters, and was eventually forced to take a job in Australia to get away.

She has since returned to the States, and currently writes for AOL Fanhouse. But she remains the worst example of sexual harassment in the history of sports reporting.

Here’s page 12, linking to the next slideshow on the site:

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And here is the Sports & Pop Culture Links section, directly next to the story of Lisa Olsen.

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