Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!


  • Sandra

    Trying to see a 3D thingy on a computer screen will make you go blind. Ow.

  • http://www.shashibhat.blogspot.com Shashi

    oh no i’m just like that guy in mallrats.

  • http://www.guzzlingcakes.com/ Eve

    It’s not a sailboat, don’t worry

  • http://lifetheuniverseanddonna.ca donna

    huh. didn’t even know these things would *work* on a computer screen. go figure.

  • http://3jtl1.blogspot.com jason

    I can get all kinds of 3D separation, but i really can’t tell what this is. It *looks* neat, though. (I’ve never had problems in the past doing these things.)

  • http://www.westcoastgirl.com ‘nee

    Argh. I hate those things. My contacts went all dry and sticky and I still didn’t get it. I was only ever able to do it once, and I’m still not sure how it happened. Stupid brain.

  • http://www.lionndubh.blogspot.com kelly

    I can never see those things.

  • http://www.guzzlingcakes.com/ Eve

    The key to inspiration is laughter.

  • http://thebeesknees.blogspot.com Sofi

    It says lol.

    I’m awesome.

  • Dave

    Ah. Finally got it. The letters are carved into the funky texture. Gnarly.

  • Kiran

    It didn’t really work for me until I saved it and zoomed it up to about 75% of the monitor. It’s a bald eagle, right? I’m pretty sure there’s a bald eagle in there.

  • http://www.lionndubh.blogspot.com kelly

    A schooner IS a sailboat, you stupidhead

    I still can’t see it. *sigh*

  • Morgue

    It’s a concave imagem 3D…. lol