Calling All Web Comics


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I am doing my honours thesis on comics. Which is pretty much the coolest thing ever. I need stimuli for my study, which means that I have to come up with a funny comic that’s not too popular (so the Far Side is out, even though it would be perfect and there are so many of them). I was thinking about the Perry Bible Fellowship, because it’s funny but not hugely recognized, but it’s a bit too niche-y, it’s stylistically inconsistent, and there aren’t enough of them. Given that the vast majority of this blog’s readership is nerds that read web comics, I’m putting out a call for your favourites. They don’t necessarily have to be web comics, but I’d appreciate a link if you have one. Also, I’m giving preference to Canadian comics because they’d be most culturally relevant to study participants.

Off you go! Find me some web comics!

(The above is xkcd. It is generally an enjoyable comic; I highly recommend it.)

  • steph

    Hah, so true. That is pretty awesome though. A few things I know of, but some’re sort of huge. — I’m partial to this because the guy who does it’s a physicist and so there’s all sorts of physics nerdery in it. Especially awesome: — guy who does toothpaste for dinner and his wife (who does natalie dee) do this one — also sort of huge. — oh venn diagrams. this is a little more unusual, and thus perhaps useful?

    Not sure if any of those are Canadian, and I’m pretty sure the first two aren’t. I think this dude’s in Saskatchewan or some place like that. Yeah, the bio thing mentions the Sheaf, which if I remember correctly is the student newspaper at Univeristy of Saskatchewan (yay for helping friends who worked at the paper do mailing stuff)

    Also, a couple of Adam’s friends have (had?) a web comic, I’ll ask him about it if you want. Clearly sort of small, and I’m not sure if they’re still doing it/how much there was, but you’ve indirect access to the brains behind it (and I could probably get their contact information if you wanted), so maybe that could be helpful too…?

  • steph

    Blah, i just realized you posted an xkcd one. Stupid dialup and its not loading images combined with my tendency to skim read!

    great minds though….

  • Eve

    I also appreciate White Ninja. Today’s comic is really funny:

    Boo! You look like two triangles!


    What, too soon?

  • The Rev
  • steph

    I talked to Adam, and they still do it, but Barry’s more or less stopped writing so it’s not nearly as funny, he claims. I haven’t read it, so I’ve no idea if/how good it is.

  • Eve

    My only regret is that Space Moose isn’t publishable.

  • steph

    what is this space moose of which you speak?

  • Eve

    Just a warning: once you finished these, there is nothing left in the world that will make you this happy again.

  • Charles

    Sinfest –
    Minimum Security –
    Dykes To Watch Out For – VERY popular in the queer community but less known outside –

  • Eve

    hm, the two last ones may be too political or controversial. I’m trying to avoid comics with any particular cultural attachment; it’s going to be really bland I think. Somewhere between Fisher and Family Circus. :(

  • jason

    Good christ I love Space Moose.

    The Parking Lot Is Full was published in Imprint UW’s student newspaper, when I went there. PLIF always made Fridays a little nicer.