So today I want to talk about TRON: Legacy, but I am finding it difficult to find the words to explain why I love it so much. So I made a list instead, and I hope that at least one thing on the list will make you want to watch it and enjoy it as much as I did.

  1. Daft Punk made the music. There is no way to overstate just how much this makes the entire movie. Daft Punk are GENIOUSES at the top of their craft, and they could not have written a more perfect soundtrack.
  2. It draws heavily from Blade Runner and the Fifth Element, two of my favourite films.
  3. Rather than rejecting the camp, it embraces it. Even the cheesiest dialogue is done with a wink.
  4. The visuals are stunning, and I love the way they restyled the interceptor ships.
  5. It certainly helps that the ’80s are big right now, because this movie is super ’80s and it works really well.
  6. Jeff Bridges has an uncanny ability to jump back and forth from The Sage to The Dude.
  7. Some people may disagree with me, but I thought the story was actually not half bad. You got to know the characters, feel for them, there was a goal they had to accomplish and you wanted them to accomplish it. Yes, it may have been a little predictable. It may have been a little Hollywood. Most Hollywood movies are Hollywood, and that’s not a bad thing. Not every movie has to have a complex plot to be enjoyable. If you’re the type of person who wants every movie to be Eraserhead, then watch Eraserhead.

There are some down sides to the movie, but I wouldn’t necessarily call them down-sides as much as I would call them “things I ignored because the other parts of the movie enveloped them with their awesomeness.”


  1. Quorra may as well have been called Leeloo. Does every sci-fi movie have to have a supreme being who is a girl and must therefore be saved at some point, even though she is a better fighter than the rest of the characters combined?
  2. The CGI on Clu and young Kevin Flynn was ok, but their mouth movements looked too artificial. I’m willing to ignore that though, because Clu’s expression in his final scene was masterful.
  3. Actually, that’s it.